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Whether for a fancy occasion, daily coffee, or casual family get-together, there is definitely the right piece for you amongst Nice's range of serving trays. Find wooden trays for sale on Nice store that are perfect for a modern, nature-inspired look to heavy-duty plastic trays in bright colors. Alternatively, choose from a range of ceramic food serving trays that are ideal as a decorative piece to display your perfumes on the hairdo, store your accessories and jewelry, or serve chocolates, dates, or desserts during your special occasions. Choose tea and coffee trays with a stand and treat yourself to your breakfast in bed. In addition to the wide choice of different materials used, our pieces are characterized by various designs, colors, and shapes, including circular trays and rectangular trays. Buy trays online at Nice store and add more style and elegance to your serving sets.

frequently asked questions

What are serving trays used for?
Serving trays are an essential item for your home, offering both functional and stylish features. Although they're called serving trays, their functions go way beyond just serving. They help you to safely and quickly carry everything from beverages and fruits to food and dishes. Nice stores offer you many sizes and different materials for serving trays, including wooden trays, plastic trays, ceramic trays, and more.

What to place on the serving tray?
Serving trays are an essential item used to serve up food and drinks but beyond that, you can also use them as a decorative item. For example, you can put flowers, candles, photos, or jewelry on your tray to keep things organized and looking good. Or, you can put a tray filled with lights and a few beauty essentials to decorate your bedroom.

Serving Trays

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Serving Tray

183.85 SR
309 SR

Hammered Tray

188.21 SR
319 SR

Serving Tray

194.11 SR
329 SR

Serving Tray

217.71 SR
369 SR

Oval Tray

194.11 SR
329 SR

Serving Tray

158.71 SR
269 SR

Wooden Serving Tray

49 SR
89.9 SR

Steel Round Tray 1Pc Harmony

223.36 SR
349 SR

Steel Tray Round Ribbed

197.76 SR
309 SR

Serving Tray

207.65 SR
349 SR

Serving Tray

289 SR

silver oval tray

1589 SR

Wood Tray Pp 1Pc White Wood

88.6 SR
179 SR

Serving Tray Gold & Black Olive

138.35 SR
469 SR

Steel Round Tray 1Pc Qamaryat Silver

177.9 SR
299 SR

Bamboo Serving Tray

74.97 SR
119 SR