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How many plates do I need for 4 family members?

Nice Stores recommended getting 2 times the number of people in your family to ensure you have enough dinnerware for general use and entertaining. Also, sometimes you will choose to use some regular plates just for serving the food that you've made. In addition to that, you should have at least one oven-safe dish and one large serving bowl.

Dinner Plates

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Platter Oceana 27Cm

22.45 SR
44.9 SR

Set Of 2 Dessert Plate

25 SR
Out of Stock

La Mesa Casa Blanca Dessert Plates 4 Pieces

79.5 SR
159 SR
Out of Stock

La Mesa New Bone Soup Plate 4 Pieces Set 8.75"

44 SR
55 SR
Out of Stock

La Mesa Gold Bird 4 Pieces Set 8" Dessert Prmu Plate New Bone

59.5 SR
119 SR
Out of Stock

La Mesa 4 Pieces Dessert Plate Calligraphy Pearl 8"

60 SR
75 SR
Out of Stock


146.3 SR
209 SR
Out of Stock