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Shop for Fire Pits Online at Nice KSA

What could be better than a barbecue party to enjoy an outdoor gathering with friends and family? Nice stores KSA offers you a large selection of fire pits to create a warm and cosy atmosphere for your backyard, deck, or patio seating. Whether you're camping or relaxing in the garden, our wide collection of outdoor fire pits is a must-have accessory to enjoy year-round.

Enjoy a nice crackling fire using our rounded fire pit with a smooth black fireproof coated. Our wood-burning fire pit features a low-standing robust frame and a deep bowl for larger fires. Also, you can elevate the appearance of your garden with our stainless steel fire table pit. Our fire table comes with four steel folding legs for easy packing and a fire poker so you will never use your hands. Don’t forget to browse our range of firewood and save yourself lots of hassle when preparing and splitting your own.

Find the perfect outdoor heating solution with our portable fire pits online and enjoy easy returns and great offers at Nice stores KSA today. Browse our full range of outdoor furniture and accessories that will enhance any occasion. Shop for outdoor furniture sets, gazebos, decorations, BBQ grills, and so much more. Order your desired outdoor firewood pit today to find competitive prices online and enjoy a smooth shopping experience, fast delivery to your doorstep, easy payment methods, and so much more!


: 23 products found

Mgo Firepit

544 SR
1099 SR

Firewood Bundle Birch 21 Litre

38.79 SR
69.9 SR

Mgo Firepit

534 SR
890 SR

Firewood Lighting Sticks

28.94 SR
49.9 SR

Firepit 54*54*29 cm

266.8 SR
539 SR

fire Pit

1582.05 SR
1990 SR

Fire Pit Gold And Black

1890 SR

Fire pit

1757 SR
2199 SR

Stainless Steel Wire Fire Pit

2799 SR

Stainless Steel Fire Pit

3999 SR

Wooden Texture Firepit Iron Bowl And Stainless Steel Lid

399 SR

Fire Pit Round Stainless Steel And Iron

669 SR

Mgo Firepit Round

297 SR
990 SR

Firepit 72*72*44 cm

552.6 SR
1399 SR

Firepit 59*59*46.5 cm

375.6 SR
939 SR

Fire Pit Round Stainless Steel And Iron

395 SR

Metal Firepit

299 SR

Firepit 71*71*42 cm

593.5 SR
1199 SR

Mgo Firepit

227 SR

Firepit 56*56*40.5 cm

375.6 SR
939 SR

Firepit 58*45*53.5 cm

367.01 SR
749 SR

Mgo Firepit

595 SR
1190 SR