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Choosing the right shelving units will help to bring effortless style and keep everything in its place. Whether you want to show off your book collection or give your blank walls a makeover, we’ve got many shelve options for you. Browse our wide selection of shelves to find a solution that suits your decor and needs. Shop for storage shelves, wall shelves, bookshelves, bathroom shelves, kitchen shelves, and so much more!

Display all your treasures and trinkets in style with our ladder shelf unit, which can be used as a bookshelf, planter holder, toiletries storage, and more. This shelf unit is designed with five practical shelves in black color and an elegant metal frame. Plus, keep your things organized with our drawer storage shelf that is perfect for your bedroom or bathroom. With the combination of the white wood top and the fabric drawers, this elegant functional storage shelf will give you a unique modern look. Also, add convenience and style to any room with our stylish Mdf white wall shelf from Bamboo. This shelving unit provides an excellent solution for everyday storage in the kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Create the perfect storage solution with our extensive selection of storage shelves and find your new favorite online at Nice Store KSA. Browse our full range of storage and organization, including laundry, cleaning suppliers, storage boxes, cabinets, and more. Enjoy shopping for shelves online today and get a smooth shopping experience, fast delivery to your doorstep, and easy payment methods.


: 21 products found

3 Tiers Bamboo Shelf

129.5 SR
259 SR

4 Tiers Bamboo Mdf Shelf White

164.5 SR
329 SR

4 Tiers Metal Shelf

179.5 SR
359 SR

2 Tiers Bamboo Mdf Wall Shelf White

79.5 SR
159 SR

3 Tiers Bamboo Mdf Shelf White

214.5 SR
429 SR

Wooden Bathroom Mirror Shelf

229.5 SR
459 SR
Out of Stock

4 Tiers Metal And Wood Shelf

154.5 SR
309 SR
Out of Stock

5 Tiers Shelf Black

339 SR
Out of Stock

Shelf Organizer With White Handle Grey 4L

9.5 SR
19 SR
Out of Stock

4 Tiers Bamboo Mdf Shelf White

389 SR
Out of Stock

Hanging Shelf 42*33*139Cm

299 SR
Out of Stock

3 Tiers Bamboo Mdf Shelf White

279 SR
Out of Stock

Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

329 SR
Out of Stock

4 Tiers Shelf

499 SR
Out of Stock

3 Layers Wooden Shelf

79.9 SR
Out of Stock