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Which is better propane or charcoal grill?

Chefs and novice cooks have been debating over charcoal and propane gas grills for quite a long time. Therefore, we listed the features of the grills and how they are different from each other. When it comes to your health and the planet's health, charcoal is a good idea. It sears faster and hotter than gas and gives a feel of the traditional flavor. Whereas propane is the clear winner. Propane gas grill imparts a bacon-like taste.

Outdoor BBQ Grill Table

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Firewood Lighting Sticks

38.92 SR
49.9 SR

Trolley Kettle Grill In Black

293.94 SR
639 SR

Simple Square Bbq Grill

112.71 SR
289 SR

18" Kettle Grill

299.44 SR
679 SR

Portable Charcoal Grill

147.23 SR
369 SR

Square Trolly Grill In Black 18"

291.9 SR
739 SR
Out of Stock

Mitt Black

139 SR
Out of Stock

Grill Tongs

60 SR
Out of Stock

Spirit Ii E 210 Gbs

3199 SR
Out of Stock

Spirit Ii E 310 Gbs

3999 SR
Out of Stock

Classic Kettle Charcoal Gril

1399 SR
Out of Stock

Bbq Trolly Grill Charcoal Black

599 SR
Out of Stock

Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

549 SR
Out of Stock

Compact Kettle Charcoal Grill

899 SR
Out of Stock

2 Piece Premium Grill Tool Set Compact Size Stainless Steel Black

259 SR
Out of Stock

Precision Grill Tongs And Spatula Set

270 SR
Out of Stock