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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bowl and a dish?

The plates are flat and usually round, which are suitable for holding or serving food that does not have a high liquid content. While the bowls are the perfect complement for when you're serving liquids and loose food. Nice stores offer you many sizes of bowls, starting from small bowls to large bowls, such as punch bowls or salad bowls.


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Alberto Acaia Multi Use Bowl

29.5 SR
59 SR

Bamboo Salad Bowl Size S

29.95 SR
59.9 SR

Acaia Wood Salad Bowl

75 SR

Bamboo Bowl 25.5Cm

59.5 SR
119 SR

Glass Bowl Set

59.5 SR
119 SR

Alberto Bamboo Salad Bowl Round

69.5 SR
139 SR

Bamboo Salad Bowl

74.5 SR
149 SR

Bamboo Salad Bowl Dia30.5*6cm

89.5 SR
179 SR

16 Pcs Soup Set

199 SR