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How can I decorate my home?

There are a lot of items that can fall under home decor. First home accent is the best way to decorate you home which create a focal point, add a splash of color, or add contrast to an otherwise bland room. Also, you can mix different types of plants in a range of sizes, arranging taller and bigger. Once you decide the plants, layer in other accessories, including vases, centerpiece bowls, books, and art, to bring the space to life.

Home Accessories

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Home Amlent Marble

269.5 SR
539 SR

Glass Vase

39.5 SR
79 SR

Ceramic Vase

22.5 SR
45 SR

Home Accent Resin

190 SR

Decorative Cresent

159.5 SR
319 SR

Glass Vase

39.5 SR
79 SR

Waraq Ceramic Vase 15*15*29.5 Cm

94.5 SR
189 SR

Home Amlent Marble

239.5 SR
479 SR

Tissue Box Mother Of Pearl

50 SR

2Pcs Clear Vase

14.5 SR
29 SR

Tissue Box Plaid Horse

104.5 SR
209 SR

Sarab Ceramic Vase 22*22*35 Cm

174.5 SR
349 SR

Ashtray Plaid Horse

74.5 SR
149 SR

Ceramic Planter small

349 SR

Waste Bin Blend

95 SR

Oumq Ceramic Vase 15*15*26.5 Cm

59.5 SR
119 SR

Glass Vase Clear

144.5 SR
289 SR

Trash Can

349 SR

Glass Vase Amber Dia12Xht:18 Cm

59.5 SR
119 SR


65 SR