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If you're looking for a brand new coffee table or a corner coffee table for the room, look no further! Nice Stores have everything you need at affordable prices. You can find a large selection to choose from to go with your home décor. Choose top designs from our coffee table sets that include items like a marble coffee table, glass coffee table and more! Get the best coffee table in Riyadh to place different types of décor on, such as vases, candles and more! Buy side tables online today from Nice Stores and get fast delivery to the address of your choice. Coffee tables don't just serve the purpose of placing items on it as tables do, they also add an amazing touch to your décor and add colour to the room. Get a new modern coffee table that come in wood and rustic colours, or shop for a low height coffee table for the seating area. Whatever you choose to buy, rest assured that it can be found in our stores online! A round coffee table is easy to place either in the centre of the room or the corner. Either way, it will look amazing with some fake plants and flowers placed on it! Start shopping today and discover our sale on coffee tables and side tables at Nice and enjoy easy payment services today.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the coffee table and the side table?

Coffee tables are an essential item that completes the overall look of your living room. They usually come in all sorts of heights, but always try to keep the height of your coffee table pretty close to the height of the couch seat. However, side tables are small yet functional tables placed at the side of a room, next to a chair or at the end of a sofa.

Coffee Tables

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Acrylic Butler Table

399.6 SR
999 SR

Acrylic Butler Table

334.5 SR
669 SR

Wooden Oval Side Table Set 2 Pieces

659.4 SR
1099 SR

Side Table

234.5 SR
469 SR

Side Table

219.5 SR
439 SR

Set Of 3 Stacked Table

319 SR

Side Table

573.3 SR
819 SR

2 Pcs Nested Table Gold Dia

503.4 SR
839 SR

Flower Table 4Cm Gold

479.5 SR
959 SR

Side Table

419.5 SR
839 SR

Nested Tables Set Of 2

467.4 SR
779 SR


659.25 SR
879 SR

Coffee Table

749.5 SR
1499 SR


959.4 SR
1599 SR


554.25 SR
739 SR

Round Coffee Table

699.5 SR
1399 SR

Nested Table Set Of 2 Gold

489.5 SR
979 SR

Nested Table

599.5 SR
1199 SR


734.25 SR
979 SR

Side Table

269.5 SR
539 SR

Nested Tables Set Of 2

467.4 SR
779 SR

Bamboo Round Side Table

464.5 SR
929 SR

Metal Coffee Table Base Gold Top White

639.6 SR
1599 SR