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How do you heat food for an event?
You can heat food in the microwave, or oven. However, you can always be ready by using the food warmers. Food warmers are used to maintain the serving temperature of prepared food. Food warmers are made of high-quality material to ensure durability and are used both in homes and restaurants.

تسخين الطعام

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Chaffing Dish

207.8 SR
299 SR

Oval Plate With Stand Silver 12"

78.7 SR
99 SR

Large Bamboo Basket With Jar Nickle

237.7 SR
299 SR

3 Pcs Rectangle Food Warmer With Stand

183.85 SR
309 SR

Large Bamboo Basket With Jar Gold

237.7 SR
299 SR

7 Pcs Round Food Warmer With Stand

317.2 SR
399 SR

Tripe Oval Food Warmer Qamaryat

197.95 SR
249 SR