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A rug with different colors and unique patterns will surely add more life and style to any room, that's why we offer a wide range of rugs and carpets online at Nice stores. Carpets and rugs complement home furnishings and could easily become the center of attention. Choose from the cotton rugs range to add warm ambiance and coziness to your living room. As the carpet fibers are knitted together, they collect heat in the winter and stay cool during summer. It also works on reducing noise and sound echoes in big rooms, making the elegant Turkish carpet an essential piece for your guest lounge. Explore our collection of modern rugs, carefully selected to suit contemporary styled bedrooms and living areas. Or opt for a classic silky carpet with traditional prints and simple tones for added luxury and splendor.

We surely covered all your home decor needs in our carpet and rugs range, including classy and trendy pieces with reasonable prices, only at Nice stores.

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Faux Fur Grey

109.5 SR
219 SR

Koko Rubber

89.5 SR
179 SR

Printed Cotton Rug

44.95 SR
89.9 SR

Printed Cotton Rug

59.5 SR
119 SR