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Shop for Recliner Chairs, and Side Tables

There is no doubt that home is your comfort zone for creating memories with family and friends. Therefore, choosing the right indoor furniture pieces will create a cheerful vibe throughout the house. Whether you prefer modern or traditional, you’ll find the perfect indoor furniture that is suitable for the size of the room. Discover our wide range of living room furniture with simple and different designs at the best prices and unparalleled high quality from Nice store!

Make your home your sanctuary with our stunning range of high-quality recliner chairs, or lounge chairs where you can watch TV, take a nap, or read your favorite in a perfectly comfortable position. With a vast array of designs and colors, you’ll find the perfect recliners that suit your space. For instance, you can choose our rocker recliner armchair, featuring plush arms, and bustle back cushions which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy some quiet time. Also, complete your seating area with our functional side tables, featuring a fantastic range of round & square styles. All our round tables are practical, versatile, and provide additional storage space for books, plants, snacks, lamps, and more. Shop for our round side table, featuring a classic wooden surface with a modern metal base that makes it ideal for serving and storing. Our collection also includes service tables, which are easy to move from one place to another inside the room, and sometimes they come with more than one piece of various sizes. Browse our wide selection of indoor furniture and order what your home needs from distinctive pieces that add a touch of elegance and sophistication at Nice store!

Indoor Furniture

: 169 products found

Recliner Armchair 1 Seater Ash

1395 SR
2790 SR

Recliner Armchair 1 Seater

995 SR
1990 SR

1 Seater Recliner

1249.5 SR
2499 SR

Macarena Armchair

959.4 SR
1599 SR

Nested Table Set Of 2 Gold

489.5 SR
979 SR

2 Pcs Nested Table Gold

467.4 SR
779 SR

Console Table

319.5 SR
639 SR

Side Table Wood

591.2 SR
739 SR

Joyce Armchair

499 SR
998 SR

Hamptons Armchair

779.35 SR
1199 SR

Nested Tables Set 2 Pieces

563.4 SR
939 SR


959.4 SR
1599 SR

2 Pcs Nested Table Gold Dia

503.4 SR
839 SR

Set Of 3 Stacked Table

319 SR

Olinda Armchair

839.3 SR
1199 SR

Metal Coffee Table Base Gold Top White

799.5 SR
1599 SR

Coffee Table

749.5 SR
1499 SR

Suzy Armchair

699.5 SR
1399 SR

Side Table

234.5 SR
469 SR

Dante Armchair

698.6 SR
998 SR

Seater Recliner

1199.5 SR
2399 SR

Side Table

419.5 SR
839 SR

Ottoman Audio

260 SR