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Buy Oven to Table Cookware & Oven Dishes

Cook and serve your delicious meals in one fell swoop with our wide range of oven-to-table cookware, including dishes, bowls, trays, and so much more. You can use our oven-to-table bakeware range to cook your ingredients in the oven and then serve it right away to the dining table.

Keep your food warm and ready to serve with our special rectangular porcelain plate that makes serving food easier thanks to its innovative design. This porcelain plate comes with a 26cm rectangular bamboo wood tray that can go straight from your oven to the table. Plus, make mealtimes more simple with our oven-to-table serving bowl set from La Mesa. This serving set includes three square serving dishes made of high-quality porcelain and features a 34 cm rattan base for easy carrying and heat protection. Also, you can add an accent color to your kitchen and table setting with our round tray from La Mesa that is perfect for all types of cooking and food preparation. Our round dish is made of white porcelain and offers the perfect balance between functionality and modern design.

Shop for our oven-to-table serveware that makes serving warm foods simple. Browse our full range of serveware, including cake and dessert, food warmers, flatware sets, serving utensils, salt, and pepper shakers, and so much more. Start shopping today to find competitive prices online and enjoy a smooth shopping experience, fast delivery to your doorstep, easy payment methods, and so much more!

Oven to Table

: 43 products found

Round Salad Bowl

49.5 SR
99 SR

Tray Rectangle Oven To Table

27.5 SR
55 SR

La Mesa Tray OVAL Oven to table

27.5 SR
55 SR

Porcelain Round Dish Oven 2 Table

14.5 SR
29 SR

Tray Rectangle Oven To Table

49.5 SR
99 SR

Oxford Flat Rectangular Roaster

32.7 SR
109 SR

Oxford Roaster

27.96 SR
69.9 SR


39.5 SR
79 SR

Round Casserole With Ceramic Lid

74.5 SR
149 SR

Oval Casserole With Ceramic Lid

69.5 SR
139 SR

2 Pcs Porcelain Round Ramekin

17.5 SR
35 SR

Porcelain Square Dish With Bamboo

55.3 SR
79 SR

Tray Oval Oven To Table

44.5 SR
89 SR