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Outdoor Furniture Collection Online

If you have a patio, garden, or balcony, you can shop online for some brand new outdoor furniture to spice up your outdoor space! Discover a selection of outdoor furniture in Riydah, Jeddah and all over KSA with Nice stores. We provide you with luxury outdoor furniture to make your entire home, inside and out, look and feel like no other.

Browse through our outdoor furniture shop today and choose the sets perfect for you. You can even get fire pits and BBQ grills if you’re interested in hosting BBQ parties for families and friends. Design your outdoor space from A to Z from Nice stores today. Our selection also includes items such as outdoor dining furniture and other amazing outdoor furniture products and decoration.


Start Shopping for Outdoor Furniture Online


There are many different outdoor furniture set sizes and dimensions to choose from to fit every space perfectly, whether large or small. Make sure you measure your space before buying your new desired furniture to ensure it fits well and looks amazing!

The outdoor furniture shop offered to you by Nice only provides the highest quality products in the market, at low and competitive prices. You can choose from many different designs and materials that include metal, wood or plastic outdoor furniture, for example. Choose your desired products and furniture today from a large selection and enjoy a smooth shopping experience, fast delivery to your doorstep and easy payment methods.

Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

: 70 products found

3X3M Metal Gazebo

599.5 SR
1199 SR

4 Pieces Set Natural Rattan Grey

895 SR
1790 SR

4Pcs Patio set

1899.5 SR
3799 SR

Mgo Firepit

549.5 SR
1099 SR

Mgo Firepit

445 SR
890 SR

Rabbit Decoration

99.5 SR
199 SR


34.95 SR
69.9 SR

Mgo Firepit Round

495 SR
990 SR

Mgo Firepit

595 SR
1190 SR

Rabbit With Rattan Basket

99.5 SR
199 SR


269.5 SR
539 SR

18" Square Trolly Grill In Black

369.5 SR
739 SR

Folding Chair

144.5 SR
289 SR

Rabbit Decoration

89.5 SR
179 SR

Fire pit

1699 SR

Rabbit With black Lantern

94.5 SR
189 SR


1099.5 SR
2199 SR

Mgo Duck

89.5 SR
179 SR

Moon Chair Coastal

1499.5 SR
2999 SR

Barbeque Square Simple Grill

144.5 SR
289 SR

3 Rabbit Decoration

89.5 SR
179 SR


799.5 SR
1599 SR