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Whether you want to add an elegant look to your bed or need a lightweight cover to snuggle up under, we've got you covered. Create a vibrant look in your room with our wide range of high-quality duvet sets and duvet cover sets. When it comes to shopping for your bedroom essentials, you'll find what you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. Combine durability, and comfort with our selection of unique duvets. Buy duvets online and enjoy premium quality fabrics from top brands, including Cottage, Boutique Blanche, and so much more. For instance, you can add comfort and warmth to any bedroom with our Cottage anti-static duvet filling which is made of soft fluffy lining with unique lines stitching. Also, you can enjoy the utmost comfort with the Boutique Blanche hotel duvet-filling twin. While the best bed sheet will keep you perfectly comfortable during your sleep, a quilt cover does double duty. Duvet covers protect your comforter and give your bedroom a breath of fresh air. Update your bedroom decor with our extensive range of duvet covers that come in various sizes, including king-size duvet covers, double duvet covers, and single duvet covers. With an array of patterns, a variety of colors, and countless style options, you'll find the piece that matches your bedroom furniture. Our duvet covers come in white, blue, grey, purple, yellow and so much more! Browse through a wide range of bedding, including bed sheets, comforter sets, pillow covers, and more when you shop online at Nice store. Buy duvet covers online and enjoy great discounts and fast delivery to your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric is best for a duvet cover?
When picking out a duvet cover consider the temperature you prefer sleeping in and how sensitive your skin is. Cotton and linen are the most popular fabric for duvet covers as they keep to your body temperature and are soft on your skin.

How do I care for my duvet?
Change the position of your duvet frequently as this ensures even use of all sides. Air dry your duvet once in a while to refreshen it, but do not place it directly under the sun.

What size duvet should I buy?    
To gauge, the size of your duvet cover, measure your bed, and figure out if you like the overhang look and feel, the best choice would then be a bigger-sized duvet. If two people are sharing a bed and you struggle with the covers, a bigger-sized duvet would be ideal for comfort. 

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Extra Warm Duvet Filling King

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