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The key to beauty sleep is having the perfect bed sheet for a peaceful retreat. Luckily, Nice store provides you with a range of high-quality bed sheets that will definitely give you a restful night’s sleep. Whether you’re looking for simple flat sheets or fitted sheets, you’ll find exactly what suits your needs. Enjoy the ultimate bedding experience with our wide selection of bed sheets and

pillowcases, designated to help you feel comfortable all night long.


Add a simple and elegant look to your bed with our extensive collection of bedsheets. All of our bed linens will guarantee you unmatched comfort from top brands, including Boutique Blanche, Cottage, and so much more. Embrace deep sleep with our eco-friendly materials that combine super softness, warmth, and durability. With our 100% cotton bed sheets, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort that you wish for. Or, you can create a luxurious sleeping environment with our soft Tencel sheets! However, if you want to experience a lightweight feel, give our amazing bamboo sheets a try!


Discover our selection of various bed sheet sizes that match any bedroom furniture, from king-size bed sheets and double bed sheets to single bed sheets. Search for our gorgeous colored sheets and pick the bed sheet that suits your room decor. Our bed linens come in white, powder, blue, grey, dark purple, and a lot more. Finally, dress up your cozy pillows with our collection of pillowcases and covers that keep you company all through the night. Browse our range today and shop unique colors and fabrics for top-quality bed sheets online with the Nice store!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between flat sheets and fitted sheets?
Flat sheets are flat rectangular pieces of fabric without any elasticated edges that lie flat on your bed and are easy to fold. On the other hand, fitted sheets have elasticated edges that are designed to be pulled under your mattress for a snug fit to ensure that it doesn't come out of place while you sleeping. Also, fitted sheets are not flat and are not easily folded. 

Which type of bed sheets to buy?
There are many fabrics from which bed sheets are made such as linen, bamboo, polyester, satin, silk, and microfiber. The best sheets to buy are sheets made from long fibers such as cotton and linen since they are breathable, cool, and have no environmental costs. Long staple cotton works magic for warmer places and hot sleepers.

How often should bed sheets be washed?
According to some research, most people wash their bed sheets for an average of 24 days. Bed sheets should be cleaned once weekly for most people and for some people more than once. If you're not sleeping in your bed every day then once every two weeks will be good. 

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