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Are teapots and kettles the same?

Teapots are quite different from kettles. Both can be used together to make hot beverages in no time, but teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves. However, kettle is a type of pot specialized for boiling water which is used to boiling water to its desired temperature.

Kettles & Juicer

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Classpro Stainless Steel Kettle, 1.7L

179 SR
Out of Stock

Tefal Delfini Kettle 1.5L White Color

80 SR
Out of Stock

Sencor Swk 2550Ss Kettle 2.5L 304 Stainless Steel 3000W

99.33 SR
129 SR
Out of Stock

Princess Kettle Cool Touch, 1.5L, 2200W

99.83 SR
149 SR
Out of Stock

Tefal Kettle Safe To Touch1.7L 3000W

199.2 SR
249 SR
Out of Stock

Philips S.Steel Kettle New Design, 1.7Ltr.

299 SR
Out of Stock