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What is the difference between a grill pan and a frying pan?







Grill pans and frying pans are kitchen must-haves for any home. Frying pans have a flat cooking base and a non-stick coating. It also has a long single handle. In comparison, grill pans are made of durable materials with ribbed surfaces that provide healthy meals with a delicious barbecue touch all year round.

Frying Pans

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3 Pcs Aluminum Frypan Set Forged

174.5 SR
349 SR

Non Stick Frypan Set Black

75.6 SR
189 SR

3 Pcs Non Stick Frypan Set

99.5 SR
199 SR

Non Stick Crepe Pan Red

29.5 SR
59 SR

Non Stick Crepe Pan Black

29.5 SR
59 SR

3 Pcs Non Stick Frypan Set

89.5 SR
179 SR


47.5 SR
95 SR

Fry Pan

59.5 SR
85 SR

Double Fry Pan

166.05 SR
369 SR